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Image by Annie Spratt

Our Mission

Bloom Believers is an online flower resource based in Denver, Colorado. Our innovative online system allows flower enthusiasts to source floral design for their diverse flower needs such as wedding, corporate, funerals, and education purposes, all for a reasonable cost. 

With our proud association with

Flor Box OXO, we are now offering a new and affordable flower resource with

Bloom Believers!


Our values are to educate and encourage the artistry of floral design.

Our team of professional florists provide custom flower table centerpieces, bloom accessories such as guest gifts, and professionally installed florals

for an economical cost. 

A Note From the Founder

Flowers tell amazing stories, and if one can actively listen, one can learn the lessons of nature versus nurture.

Serving as a designer and environmental advocate,

curating from my home-studio, I am excited to launch

a new resource for floral design.

- Naia Geni, Founder & Bloom Believer

After attending the New York Institute Art Design for interior design, with a family heritage of farmers, Naia has chosen to collaborate her passion for agriculture and design!

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